On The Fly Catering

“We put the food on your dish so you have more time to fish”

The concept behind On The Fly is simple: to provide river guides and outfitters with hassle-free, high quality shore lunches at reasonable prices. Incorporating the use of Cambro Meal Carriers, we can provide hot shore lunches with no preparation time on the guide’s part. The beauty of this service is that it requires minimal time investment on and off the river while enhancing the experience for the client. Remember, you can’t control the weather, and you can’t control the fishing. The one thing you can control is the meal, and a quality meal can sometimes save an otherwise bad day. (And save your tip in the process).

Here’s how it works:
Just call, fax, or e-mail us by noon the day prior to your trip and order off of the On The Fly weekly menu options (which we can fax, e-mail, or snail mail to you, or you can find it on our web page, www.oldpostpub.com). Indicate the time you would like to pick it up, and we’ll do the rest. Upon your arrival at our convenient drive – thru loading dock, you will receive a meal carrier and stand with your hot items, as well as a full service picnic bag that contains everything you need for a delicious hassle free shore lunch; plates, silverware, serving utensils, glassware, salads, bread, etc. In addition, the guide will receive a complimentary cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich.

The meal carrier and picnic bag is small enough to be stowed out of the way under your raft seat. Upon arrival at your lunch spot, simply set up your tables and chairs, set the table, pop open the meal carrier, et voila! Lunch is served!

When you are finished, just close the carrier, place the dirty dishes in the dish bag provided, load the raft, and get back to the important stuff -fishing! At the end of the day, drop off the meal package at the loading dock. We clean up for you, so you’ll have time for that cold beer and perhaps a fish taco at The Old Post, right around the corner.

Here’s an example of your typical On The Fly meal package:

In the hot meal carrier
Slow roasted pork loin with a rosemary Dijon sauce
Mashed potatoes
Country style green beans

In the picnic bag
Green salad with balsamic vinaigrette
French bread Butter
Thermos of hot coffee with cream and sugar
Chocolate-walnut brownies
Everything needed for service

In addition, for those “fish head” clients who would rather have a quick bite as to not interrupt their fishing, On the Fly also offers a full line of deli sandwiches and cold salads which can be ready for pick up. Just order by noon the previous day and we’ll have it ready for you. Feel free to make special requests to accommodate specific dietary needs. Our goal at On The Fly is to make your client’s day on the river a memorable one.